Diamonds Worth USD 9500 Expires devoured Dogs

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

JAKARTA - A dog in Albany, United States (U.S.) seems to have its own attraction to shiny objects. Yet it is precisely his interest took him into trouble.

Dog named Honey Bun is, make the owner panicked after swallowing a diamond worth $ 10 thousand, or approximately Rp80 million.

This dog was owned by John Ross diamond shop owner. But this incident is the first time the dog is eating berlian.Demikian MSNBC reported on Tuesday (08/30/2011).

Chuck Roberts, who also has a store, said he had left his chair to greet a guest. But at the same time Roberts was not aware that one of the four bags of diamonds, was reported missing.

Conscious saw an open bag continues to exist, Roberts immediately realized who the perpetrators of the theft of this diamond. Through X-ray examination, Honey Bun guilty devouring the diamonds.

Seemed the two points are found in the stomach of the dog, which is believed diamonds that swallowed the dog. Diamond was eventually expelled from the stomach directly Honey Bun and cleaned before being sent back to the supplier of diamonds.
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