Monday, September 26, 2011

Wanted Nazi Walther Rauff 'was West German spy'

A high-ranking Nazi officer who helped develop a mobile gas chamber became a spy for West Germany after World War II, archives have revealed.
Former SS officer Walther Rauff worked for West German intelligence service, the BND, between 1958 and 1962.
In hindsight, his recruitment was "politically and morally incomprehensible", said BND historian Bodo Hechelhammer.
Rauff died in Chile in 1984, having evaded trial for war crimes.
The charges related to his time as an official of the criminal technical institute of the Reich security main office, which he joined in 1941.
As US intelligence later put it, Rauff designed gas vans used to murder Jews and people with disabilities.
With German defeat he fled to Chile and changed his name to Enrico Gomez.
Fought extradition
But the BND traced him and recruited him as spy, ostensibly to go to Cuba to spy on leader Fidel Castro.
He was denied entry but still earned more than DM70,000 ($18,000, £11,500) during his time with the service.
Publicly he became a wanted man when his wartime role was brought to light but - even after his arrest by Chilean police in 1962 - he was being supported by the BND.
Mr Hechelhammer disclosed that the agency was paying his legal bills as he fought extradition.
The historian also says that he had secretly come to Germany twice on a course run by the BND.
Sunday, September 18, 2011

Post-WWII plane pilot dies in W.Va. air show crash

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (AP) — The pilot of a post-World War II plane died Saturday after crashing into a runway and bursting into flames, the second deadly air show crash in 24 hours.

The West Virginia Air National Guard said that no spectators were injured and that the crash site was far away from anyone at the show. Still, air show officials posted a notice on their website encouraging those who witnessed the crash to seek support if they felt viewing it had been traumatic.

The crash occurred a day after a stunt pilot crashed at a Nevada air show Friday, killing nine.

"We were fortunate that the safety measures put in place by the Federal Aviation Administration ensured the safety of those on the ground," Maj. Gen. James Hoyer, adjutant general of the West Virginia National Guard, said in a statement. "Right now our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of the deceased."

Officials have not released the pilot's name. The fixed-wing, single-engine T-28 plane is registered to John Mangan of Concord, N.C., and was built in 1958, according to a Federal Aviation Administration registry.

The Journal of Martinsburg ( ) reports the aircraft lost control during a six-plane stunt formation and then crashed on a runway near hangers at the airfield, causing thousands at the show to cry, hug and pray afterward.

The plane was part of the T-28 Warbird Aerobatic Formation Demonstration Team, which performs at air shows around the country.

The team is known as the Trojan Horsemen and its website says Jack "Flash" Mangan is part of the alternate wing. His biography on the site says he is a former Air Force fighter pilot who won three Meritorious Service Medals and Tactical Air Command's Instructor Pilot of the Year.

A message left at Mangan's North Carolina home was not immediately returned on Saturday.

According to The Boeing Co.'s website, the North American T-28 Trojan was a basic trainer that was used by the U.S Navy, including for carrier operation. Its first flight was in 1949 and it was designed to transition pilots to jet aircraft.Associated Press
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Keyring Alcohol Breath Tester

Imagine how nice it would be to always have an alcohol breath tester in your keyring. At the time when you wonder if you are able to drive safely you can now always make sure and you don’t have to spend those extra hours unless really needed.

With this keyring alcohol breath tester you simply press the power button and the green LED will keep lighting ready in about 10 seconds. Then you wait about 10 seconds more and exhale into the exhale pipe. Look for the result at the coloured buttons.

Green Light – Safe (Under 0.05% BAC)
Yellow Light – Caution (0.05% BAC)
Red and Yellow – Danger (Over 0.05% BAC) 
This little gadget is not bigger than my car keys and is easy to always bring along. As a bonus it also comes with a countdown timer and a flashlight. The keychain alcohol breath tester is really something all drivers should have that might end up wondering if it’s safe to drive. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The price on these is very low and range between $5 and $10 depending on the model. It is powered by 2 x AAA batteries that will last for a very long time if you don’t overuse the flashlight.
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Perfume tips

Some tips for men and women

I will start off with the guys - please, please, rely on my recommendations. Don't try to be cheap because some well known perfumes that seems very luxurious in first sight are in fact poorly made perfume with almost no time before they fade away.
Don't rely on the 2010 lists or experience. Some fragrances have had minor changes in their formula, which, basically speaking, could be a whole lot different than what you are used to, or your girlfriend likes.

For the women: Even though you think that men have a less sensitive nose, don't over-do it. Don't spray too much fragrance in order to be noticeable, believe me, it will have a diverse effect.

How to try and choose a perfume
When buying in a store, use the card in order to feel the scent. Don't spray it on your hand because it will mix with whatever products you previously used. It will change (and usually hinder) the scent, even if you put it long ago.

After finding a perfume you liked, spray it very gently on you on spots that are likely to not have any products or sweat on them. Afterwards, step outside and take a fresh breath of air. This will allow you to judge the fragrance in another environment.

When you go out and chose which perfume to wear please bear in mind which occasion you are attending to. The workplace fragrance is not the restaurant one. The "hitting the bar at Sat night" perfume is not the same as you would wear when meeting your boyfriend's parents.
If you don't have any differentiation between these events and the correlated perfumes, then you should check your wardrobe again.
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