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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some tips for men and women

I will start off with the guys - please, please, rely on my recommendations. Don't try to be cheap because some well known perfumes that seems very luxurious in first sight are in fact poorly made perfume with almost no time before they fade away.
Don't rely on the 2010 lists or experience. Some fragrances have had minor changes in their formula, which, basically speaking, could be a whole lot different than what you are used to, or your girlfriend likes.

For the women: Even though you think that men have a less sensitive nose, don't over-do it. Don't spray too much fragrance in order to be noticeable, believe me, it will have a diverse effect.

How to try and choose a perfume
When buying in a store, use the card in order to feel the scent. Don't spray it on your hand because it will mix with whatever products you previously used. It will change (and usually hinder) the scent, even if you put it long ago.

After finding a perfume you liked, spray it very gently on you on spots that are likely to not have any products or sweat on them. Afterwards, step outside and take a fresh breath of air. This will allow you to judge the fragrance in another environment.

When you go out and chose which perfume to wear please bear in mind which occasion you are attending to. The workplace fragrance is not the restaurant one. The "hitting the bar at Sat night" perfume is not the same as you would wear when meeting your boyfriend's parents.
If you don't have any differentiation between these events and the correlated perfumes, then you should check your wardrobe again.
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