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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whether you are seeking for a new fascinating scent for 2011, finding the best shops for online perfume shopping or just looking to broaden your horizons and learn a little about perfume for women - you have come to the right place.

I will do my very best to answer all your queries, and help you come up with great suggestions for fragrances - whether it's for yourself, or your beloved ones. The listed perfumes were carefully selected, and this list is being updated on a weekly.

Lolita Lempicka

Most unusual perfume of the year 2011

Lolita Lempicka is one perfume that you can "feel" through its luxurious packing. Through the way the golden leaves gently lay upon it, to a finely detailed bottle that almost seems like artwork, it is easy to grasp the amount of work that has been put into this unique product.

Based on a unique Anise note, its almost unbearably sweet on the first spray but very soon an overly sweet scent is replaced with a catchy & attractive scent. My girlfriend was stunned with how notable this perfume has been, whilst her usage of it was very low (just a few sprays). Licorice and velvet wrap down this incredible product and turn the scent into a silky, sour-sweet heaven for noses.

Eternity by CK

The overall winner of the contest

I have tried almost 50 perfumes, produced by the very top brands, but Eternity by CK tops them... easily.

The classic perfume proves once again that some scents remain relevant and dominant throughout the years. This fragrance is of such high quality, that the rankings for 2011 - made by my girlfriend, our test-group and myself, have voted for this one altogether.

This is a perfume for a strong, confident, woman that believes in herself. Even the bottle reflects it, representing perfectly the role of modern women in our current times. Else than a remarkable package this perfume has a superb scent which is just about the perfect balance. My girlfriend enjoyed wearing it to work, because it wasn't too notable (she's not the "all eyes on me" type) - but on the other hand it was strong enough to be worn in the evening at the cocktail bar (And even squeeze off some compliments off of strangers).

The most notable notes of this modern masterpiece are lended grapefruit, ginger, and passionflower that compose a feminine, non-aggressive, scent which is fruity and sweet. This is a real classy, and classic, fragrance likewise the package.

Alfred Sung

Most feminine 2011

Alfred Sung for womenis a superb perfume that was chosen by as the fragrance of the month (view here), and that is for several very good reasons.
It has a delicate, comfortable scent that wraps you around it. As a man I can honestly say I felt lust floating in the air when my girlfriend put it on.

It contains flowers, green florals, musk and woody notes - a great combination, in my opinion.

Some of these notes are a little masculine but I ensure you that this is one of the most feminine scents that I ever laid my nose on. This fragrance is popular for 25 years already, and it still feels fresh.

Women's sexiest fragrance 2011

Miss dior

The year is 2011 and this fragrance still dominates the market. It started off in the 40s and it's still a powerful, relevant and fresh.

As my girlfriend defined it so tastefully: such an immortal scent should have the #1 spot in your list reserved for. I wholeheartedly agreed to that. This is a 1940's perfume that still makes every women that wears it feel sexy. Quite a feat, I would say.

We tested this one on a group of 20 ladies. They are all of different ages, different economical statuses, different tastes in perfumes. Each one got a tester bottle to try and the results are quite astonishing - none of them disliked it, and 9 decided to buy a bottle. As the #1reason for purchase in the survey we handed them we found "response from men". Some men responded so well to the sexy parfum that it blew the women's minds.

This perfume scent is composed of jasmine and roses, neroli and narcissus, iris, carnation, lily, patchouli, labdanum, oakmoss, ambergris, sandalwood, vetiver, and leather. A floral scent with an edge which makes it both great as a casual perfume and as an evening one. A rare and deadly combo, if you ask me.

A true classic that is running from 1947 to this very day!

Cheap and surprising

Tommy Girl ?!

In spite of its cheap price, for us this is the best casual perfume for 2011. It's a cologne, really, but the quality is Eau da parfum-like.
Simple, cheap and smells so nicely. Even Luca Turin has given it 5 stars - a rare grade from a world-famous perfume expert.

Crisp, Fresh, Flowery and fruity. Not for everyone as this perfume is a little unusual but surprisingly good. You would expect it to be perhaps a childish scent or at most a cologne aimed at teenagers who spend their days on the phone discussing the latest Justin Bieber but it most certainly isn't. This is a smell for someone who is looking for a young scent indeed, but in noway childish.
It starts off with some sweet rose notes, then become crisp or sourly-sweet grapefruit-citrus and ends up in with a winning tangerine . Not the usual composition, I wholeheartedly agree, but interesting, refreshing and well laid perfume in total.

A renewed top classic


For an exclusive price of 51 dollars, not including the 10 off code I provided earlier (if you missed it, it's on top - where to buy fragrances), this eu da parfume will continue to dominate the market. The sales have been sky rocking last year, despite of the economical crisis, and this year it should continue selling like crazy. It's is genuinely a pearl, one of a kind fragrance that has perhaps the most effect of all perfumes in the market.

Orange, thyme and Iris compose this elegant fragrance that is suitable mostly (but not only) for dates and business meetings.
Don't let the last sentence fool you girls - my girlfriend felt very sexy and comfortable wearing this one. This is an extremely feminine perfume that gets the job done in every sense of the word - I think it's just too powerful to be a casual perfume. It turns heads. I, at least, wouldn't want to come to work and overly impress my colleagues. I would rather stick to something a bit less dominant, but millions use it as a casual day-to-day perfume, so it's a matter of preference.
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