Gaddafi Forces Civilian Execution

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tripoli - Libyan leader Moammar loyalist troops Gaddafi reportedly executed 17 prisoners in Tripoli, while the opposition forces began to enter the Libyan capital. Besides dozens of civilians were executed by troops.

Reports of execution was issued by the group Human Rights Watch (HRW) based in New York, United States. HRW issued a report based on the evidence available.

"From the evidence we set for this, there is strong suspicion that Gaddafi loyalists troops deliberately premeditated murder of civilians, opposition forces want to master the moment of Tripoli," Sarah Leah Witson ucpa of HRW quoted as saying on Sunday (28 / 8 / 2011).

While the HRW report, they found the bodies rotting in the surrounding areas in the Libyan capital. The discovery of the bodies also occurred near the residence of Kadhafi in Bab al-Aziziya.

Since entering Tripoli last week, opposition forces face a fierce battle with loyalist troops Gaddafi. But this weekend, opposition forces managed to control almost the whole of Tripoli.
Until now the existence of Gaddafi remains unclear. But a spokesman for Gaddafi, Moussa Ibrahim ensure the former ruler of Libya is still in Tripoli.

Ibrahim himself admits that he met Gaddafi on Friday, August 27 last.

According to Ibrahim, Gaddafi offered opposition parties to discuss the transitional government. Based on his statement, Al-Saadi Gaddafi, son of Gaddafi will lead the transitional government formation talks.
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