Moroccan singer plagiarized Super Junior?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

SEOUL - Song Bonamana allegedly owned by Super Junior fans of K-Pop boy band of Moroccan origin has been traced, Tiraline.
Bonamana song was released in May 2010 and the single became one of the ngehits SuJu singles on the market. On the MySpace pages are found a song titled Matal singer from Morocco's Maghreb, according to K-Pop fans there are similarities with Bonamana.
"This is a clear case of plagiarism. We will contact the publishers who have the rights to this song and asked for an explanation. After we review the entire situation, we will take appropriate legal procedures, "said a spokesman for SM Entertainment.
Bonamana is a very popular song, even in Taiwan the song is positioned on top for 63 consecutive weeks. Recently issued a Super Junior's latest single entitled Mr.Simple.
If heard, indeed there are similarities with Bonamana song Matal Maghreb. The difference, Tiraline use Arabic. While Bonamana speak Korean.
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