Close the Feast of the Rest Qualified

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

JAKARTA - Do not take for granted after a day of circulating back and forth to stay in touch with relatives, friends, teachers, professors, maybe even love, without you knowing it you are experiencing fatigue.
You will not be able to continue your silaturahmi tomorrow if the conditions of your body is too tired. Especially if any of you who want to be invited girlfriends to stay in touch with her parents, who are you even look pale because of lack of sleep.
Freshness you can get with enough sleep and quality. Well, how do I get quality sleep? Here are tips to rest doctor who quoted from the blog on Tuesday (30/08/2011).
1. Choose a mattressIs it comfortable enough to sleep? You can check the comfort of your bed when you're not feeling tired. Therefore, your body will tolerate comfort of a mattress when you're exhausted.
Choose a soft mattress (soft), but not too soft, you'll be sunk into. The mattress was comfortable mattress that does not mean expensive, good quality is important, considering we menghabisakan one-third of our time in bed, then this is worthy of consideration.
2. Check the pillowsJust like a mattress, too soft or too hard is as bad and can reduce the quality of your sleep. Try several types of pillows until you feel most comfortable.
3. Look around youThe house and bedrooms tidy will create a comfortable environment. Remove items from your bedroom does not need, such as televeisi, computers, papers, and so on. So that your bedroom is only intended as a place deistirahat.
4. Light and soundThe light is too bright and the sound is too noisy, can disturb your sleep quality. A good lighting when sleep is when the light does not directly expose at you, outsmart it with lights or portable bed, change position of your bed.
5. Temperature and ideal temperatureKeep your room temperature is not too hot and not too cold. Ideal bedroom temperature is around 25 people Indonesai degrees celsius, but not everyone is equal.
6. Adjust your sleep environmentWhat would it take to relax? Sesayup the music, the room is dim or read a book before bed? The point is to see to it that you can relax. Congratulations Rest.
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