Game 'Godfather' Future Released on Facebook & Google +

Monday, August 29, 2011

CALIFORNIA - Hollywood's Paramount movie studios and game developers will Kabam evoke the legendary Godfather films in the form of social games on Facebook and Google +.

The game, 'The Godfather: Five Families', is the first film made ​​by Francis Ford Coppola's legendary slide into the realm of casual gaming. Variety reports that quoted by TG Daily, Sunday (28/08/2011).

Previously, Electronic Arts (EA) has also created the Godfather game, but not received encouraging.

Coppola reportedly was not pleased with the making of this game, especially because of the Paramount as the owner did not ask permission to film herself.

One charge of casting Godfather, Fred Roos, also deplored the presence of the game.

"I think (launching) the game was very cheap. Why do not they make the game 'Gone With the Wind' or Orson Wells movies alone? Is nothing sacred anymore thing?" ketusnya.
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