Self-conscious weakness, the Key to Success Dieting

Saturday, August 27, 2011

YOU on a diet center? If so, forget about counting calories or eating according to your blood type. If you really want to lose weight, just look at your personality type.
According to clinical experts nerve Daniel Amen, attenuate the procedure body is a waste of time and energy if the diet is wrong. Now, try to plan a diet that will work optimally genetically for yourself.
So instead of going to the gym, but must begin with self-awareness exercises. Namely to identify their weaknesses and work hard about what makes them want to eat.
In the controversial book recently published in the United States, Dr. Amin defines five categories of overeater (overeating): Compulsive Overeaters, Overeaters impulsive, compulsive-impulsive Overeaters, Overeaters emotional, and Overeaters anxious.
The results showed, in order to lose weight, then each group must avoid certain foods.
"We see the brains of patients who are overweight. And we find no single pattern of the brain associated with being overweight, there are at least five different types," said Dr Amin quoted from Dailymail, Saturday (27/08/2011).
"This is exactly the same reason why diets do not work optimally. They took a one-size-fits-all approach," he continued.
Regarding compulsive eaters, Dr. Amin explained. "Tends to get stuck on thoughts of food. For this type, high-protein diet that is said does not help, because the food is expected to enhance the focus-compulsive types already have a lot. Instead, they are advised to eat more complex carbohydrates, which helps the body produce more a lot of serotonin, a mood repair, "he explained.
But the serotonin increase the carbohydrates, which became a disaster for impulsive eaters because they only eat a little more.
In contrast, foods such as chicken and wheat increase levels of dopamine in the brain and improve concentration.
For the compulsive-impulsive eater, Dr. Amin suggested focusing on the exercises at the gym. While this type of emotional need to increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids they consume, which helps calm the body by reducing inflammation.
Overeater are worried, use food to treat their feelings of tension, anxiety, fear, and should avoid alcohol and caffeine. He argues, choosing a diet high in the amino acid glutamine, including the consumption of foods such as broccoli, and beans.
Nutritionists Evelyn Toner said, "I agree a lot of problems with weight-related personality. There is the convenience of the eater or drinker, to completely turn away from food when they are stressed."
"But it is about changing behavior and habits rather than specific foods. Eaters at a party would be overeating, no matter what type of food," he explained.
Nutritionists Priya Tew added: "People can read this book and say, 'This is my personality. That's why I do not menurunan weight' My concern can be used as an excuse."
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